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Today’s Word: Progress (n.)

progress (n.) early 15., progresse, “a going on, action of walking forward,” from Old French progres (Modern French progrès) and directly from Latin progressus “a going forward, an advance,” noun of action from past-participle stem of progredi “go forward,” from pro “forward” (see pro-) + gradi “to step, walk,” from gradus “a step” (from PIE root *ghredh- “to walk, go”). In early use in English especially “a state journey by royalty.” Meaning Figurative sense of “growth, development, advancement to higher stages” is by c. 1600, perhaps 15c. (the senses are not easy to distinguish). To be in progress “underway” is attested by 1849 and preserves the older sense of “a course,” whether good or bad (as in Hogarth’s “Rake’s Progress”); earlier it meant “in sequence” (as the volumes of a book), mid-15c. Progress report is attested by 1865.

As the calendar turns to mid-year, I cannot help but reflect on the progress I’ve made on my journey on this walk in the Holy Spirit. It all began again after my… traumatic brain injury (We’ll just leave it at that. The full story has been told and can be read here.) In 2020, battling homelessness and cancer, I learned about balancing wellness and focused my studies on Spiritual Wellness, Emotional Wellness, Environmental Wellness, and Physical Wellness. 2021, the year of rest and recouperation, I turned my attention to adding Intellectual Wellness and Occupational Wellness to the scales. Not, mid-year in 2022 (The year of the struggling “artist”) I find myself learning about Financial Wellness and Reactional Wellness.

As I look over the lessons, I’ve learned, I am simply amazed. In retrospect, each year I have hit every goal. It just looked different then how I had imagined it would look. I had wrote down some big goals for this year. I can’t wait to see my God’s next move. I must spend more time celebrating the progress made thus far, less time despairing over how much further I have to go, and just know that it ain’t over till God says so!

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